Sieveking Kopfhörerständer Omega

Der Sieveking Sound Kopfhörerständer Omega ist in den vier Ausführungen Ahorn, Kirsche, Walnuss und Zebrano sowie im Sonderfurnier Makassar lieferbar. Der Omega wird komplett in Deutschland aus nur einem Werkstück gefertigt und ist mit einem toxikologisch geprüften Lack versehen, der sogar für Kinderspielzeug freigegeben ist. Geliefert wird er in einem Schutzbeutel aus ungebleichtem Flanell. Dieser ist als Licht- und Staubschutz für den Omega mitsamt aufgesetztem Hörer gedacht.

Das exklusive Design ist bereits europaweit als Geschmacksmuster eingetragen. Der Kopfhörerständer ist ideal für jeden Musikliebhaber, der seinen Kopfhörer nicht mehr lieblos in der Ecke vollstauben lassen möchte, sondern sich zu seiner Musikleidenschaft bekennt.

Das Echtholzfurnier Makassar gleicht in der Farbgebung dem gleichnamigen indonesischen Ebenholz und der feine Farbübergang verleiht dem Kopfhörerständer ein besonders exklusives Auftreten.

Die geraden Seitenflächen sorgen für eine gleichmäßige Belastung der Polster und sorgen somit auch langfristig für einen guten Sitz des Hörers.

Der Omega ist groß genug um auch sehr große Hörer wie den Sennheiser HD 800 oder einen runden Stax aufzunehmen.

Der Omega besteht aus Holz und somit aus einem lebenden Material, das auf Umwelteinflüsse reagiert. Bitte bedenken Sie auch, dass das Furnier im Sonnenlicht nachdunkeln wird.

Die Einwirkung von Luftfeuchtigkeit und Hitze kann zu geringfügiger Verformung führen. Falls Ihr Kopfhörerständer hierdurch geringfügig wackelig steht, können Sie dies manuell korrigieren (siehe PDF "Service for Omega Headphone Stand" weiter unten).

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The Sieveking Sound Headphone Stand Omega is now available. Ever since the Omega was presented at the Munich High End 2009 response has been enthusiastic and now we have got the four real wood veneers of maple, cherry, walnut and the exotic looking zebrano ready. The Omega is completely Made in Germany and constructed from a single piece and then coated with a lacquer that is certified for use with children's toys. It is delivered within a pouch of undyed flannel. This pouch is suitable as light and dust protection for the Omega and the headphones resting on it.

The Omega's design has been granted a design trademark by the European Union already. The stand is ideal for any serious listener who does not want to see his headphones discarded in some corner but is proud to show his love for music.

The flat surfaces of the Omega mean even pressure to the earpads and thus will prolong your listening pleasure as they keep their shape much longer. The Omega is large enough to support very large headphones like a Sennheiser HD 800 or the round models by Stax as well.

Please be aware that wood is a living material that will darken when exposed to sunlight. The Omega will also react to changes in humidity and temperature and you will find that the unit may be very slightly rocky when you receive it. You can straighten the Omega manually to rectify this (see PDF Service for Omega Headphone Stand below).

A non-review of the Omega can be found at

Important Notice: ALL versions of the Omega being sold on are counterfeit! We have tried getting through to Amazon's legal department numerous times and they simply do not take action even though the design holds an international design patent.

International Distributors for the Omega:

Australia: Addicted to Audio

BeNeLux: Nutters Audio

Canada: Audio Basics

Croatia: Intek

England: High End Workshop

Finland: Agentur Tur-pex

Italy: Audio Azimuth

Japan: Timelord

France: Elite Diffusion

Korea: Damino Co., Ltd.

Norway: Duet Audio


Russia: Doctorhead

Slovenia: Intek

Sweden: Svalander Audio AB

Taiwan: Music HiFi Co., Ltd.


U.S.A.: Elusive Disc

Vietnam: Audio Choice


It is said that in China making a copy of a product is a form of compliment. While it may be true that only good products warrant copying it turns out that the people buying the copy are less inclined to compliment the product quality.

We have received complaints regarding product quality from several customers who have purchased a "Sieveking Sound Omega" headphone stand in Hong Kong from companies like "HiEndKing". These customers bought in Hong Kong because they felt they would make a bargain that way and ended up getting a wobbly piece of junk with rough surfaces and the smell of chemical solvent. The units are so unstable the manufacturer has used felt stickers to keep them from rocking. Not something you would want to put your prized headphones on.

We take great care with this product and each unit is individually inspected before it ships anywhere and the lacquer we use is certified for use in children\'s toys and under no circumstances would we accept something which smelled like solvent. We even put the stand in a little bag of non-dyed flannel to make sure it is safe before we ship out.

So if you think of making a bargain by buying from China you might want to consider this: The Sieveking Sound Omega sells for Euro 99 in the country it is manufactured in. Right now that is about US$ 145,-. Now this unit needs to ship to a foreign country and go through customs there which is going to increase the price. So if somebody ends up offering the product to you at a lower price than it is in the country it originates from you might want to be just a little sceptical. That said the Chinese con-men have learned a lot. I remember they used to sell fake XRCDs on e-bay in Hong Kong for $ 5 a piece until they realized they needed to make them $ 20 so people abroad would by them in quantities believing they saved big against the regular price. The same logic seems to apply here as even the counterfeit products were more than $ 100,-.

So if you want to safe on a headphone stand check out the DIY section of Head-Fi. They have got a few very good ideas there. And if you live in Hong Kong and want the real deal speak to Polygain Trading Ltd. as the distributor and ask if they deliver to the shop you want to buy it from.

UPDATE: The ebay-vendor audiophile_inc from Taiwan is selling some really lousy copies of the Omega. The units are so unstable that they are using feltpads to keep them from rocking. They also progressed to the next level and now copied the basic shape into acrylic which we would never do as this will look extremely ugly once body fat from the earpads is starting to assemble on the stand. It also got the problem that it keeps moisture trapped inside the earphones instead of absorbing it over time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS VENDOR!

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